Location: Firostefani

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The unique island of Santorini!


Amazing Landscapes & Wonderful Feelings!

Santorini is among the most famous destinations across the world. There are various reasons why Santorini became one of the most desirable islands to discover. The unique caldera rocks, the sunset views, the tastes and the products that grow only in the volcanic soil of Santorini, the rich history, the black sandy beaches and the volcanic landscapes make the island of Santorini an one-of-a-kind spot on the planet! Discover the picturesque village of Firostefani and some of the most intriguing activities to indulge in!

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The Peaceful Village of Firostefani

The village of Firostefani is the closest to the capital of Santorini, the lively town of Fira. It is built in a privileged location with amazing views to the volcano, the caldera and the sunset. It is a serene neighbourhood with some of Santorini’s greatest proposals for dining. Convenient shops are also found in a close range where buses for Oia and Fira stop near Mirabo Villa. Do not miss a visit to the village of Imerovigli for some more breathtaking views. Visit the churches and walk on the caldera rim as many times as you can to capture the essence of visiting Santorini island.  

The Top Santorini Activities

Explore the island of Santorini by following each of the activities we suggest below.


Ask the people of Mirabo for all the details about sailing in Santorini. Live an experience like no other while you are travelling with a catamaran around the impressive caldera of Santorini.

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Do not miss the archaeological settlement of Akrotiri, Ancient Thera, the museums at Fira or landmarks like the castles of Emporio and Pyrgos or the Lighthouse in Akrotiri. For more, just ask the people of Mirabo Villa.

Wine Tours

Embark on a tour to the wineries of Santorini to discover and enjoy the real taste of Santorini poured in glasses with Vinsanto and wines made with assyrtiko, athiri and aidani varieties.


The most famous route, from Fira to Oia, passes close to Mirabo and you can follow it to reach the amazingly beautiful village of Oia after approximately 2 hours.

Water sports

Discover the black sandy, volcanic beaches with the crystal clear waters of Santorini and have a coastal experience like no other.